Gift Guide - For the Foodie

MY FAVE! Gifts for the foodie in your life. The perfect items for their recipe development, food pics and taste buds...

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Because who doesn't love a book full of new recipes to test? Here are a few of my favorites because they actually have realistic and sometimes HEALTHY (and yummy) recipes...

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Gadgets/Cookware/Random & Amazing Kitchen Items


  • 2 different sets of reusable muffin cups, the ones I swear by and another well-reviewed set that comes with extra gadgets. I also use these to make homemade nut butter cups

  • A silicone donut pan - I also swear by these for bagel and donut making

  • A vegetable spiralizer for homemade zucchini noodles!

  • Reusable and easily storable utensils for eating on the go

  • An immersion blender for soups and sauces

  • A set of thin, easily washable and color-coded placements. Perfect for someone always cooking, with little storage or has allergies in the house

  • A fun pizza cutter...perfect for tortilla pizza!

  • Veggie scrubber...I have had mine for a few years and love using it to get the grime off potatoes and other skinned veggies

  • A set of multiple sizes of food storage. I am in need of a major food storage upgrade but have ZERO room, if you have a friend that has some room and some oddly discolored containers, this is for them

  • Baking mits. For all the holiday baking!

  • Reusable palstic bags! A small step to do our part for the environment

  • At home fermenting kit...I LOVE this! Get all that gut-healthy food started...

Food...for the FOODIE

Send your popcorn-loving friend a huge pack of popcorn spices, a pack of vegan, allergy-friendly baking mixes, an Amazon subscription to Banza pasta or an Amazon subsection to Simple Mills crackers. I have 3 boxes of Simple Mills come every 5's the best "surprise!"


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