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Updated: Sep 14

You all know I LOVE a good discount. So, if I can get one for my favorite brands and products you know I will! I want you all to be able to try out the products I share on a daily basis, but save a little $$!

I want to mention one thing before you all check out these awesome discounts and freebies; I only partner and collaborate with brands I use, love and feel confident you will gain benefit from. So many wellness products are only available in specialty stores, yet so many people do not live near stores of this kind - I want everyone to have access to their healthiest selves and luckily so many brands have online stores. If you ever have any questions about products, my Instagram DMs are open and my email is on this site.


  • Coconut Whisk: Click the link and use code KELLYKING. Save $3 on your order. Vegan, SUPER Allergy-Friendly baking mixes. My two faves: The pancake/waffle and the classic chocolate chip cookies. My biggest recommendation for those with children because they’re incredibly allergy friendly for play dates, birthday parties and school events.

  • F3 Activewear: Click the link and use code KELLYKING. 15% off your order. GymShark Dupe! Flattering, has tons of stretch and is actually comfortable.

  • Firepot Teas: Use code KELLYKING20 for 20% off your order. Reasons you will stand by this brand; women owned, sustainable packaging, partnering to bring education to women in Rwanda. As someone that avoids caffeine, I use the Relaxing Kit. 

  • Keeko: Use code KELLYKING for 10% off purchase (excludes bundles). Holistic oral wellness. Most brands you find at the store are full of chemicals...and that’s not something you want in your mouth. These are paraben and fluoride free. When I was expediting acne around my mouth, I stopped using fluoride toothpastes after researching the pros of it against fighting blemishes. They also use sustainable packaging.

  • Mary Ruth Organics: Use this link to save 10% on your order. Also use code LIQUID10. The ultimate vitamin and supplements brand that I recommend to clients. Not sure where to start? The multi vitamin and digestive enzyme are my favorites. Please consult your doctor when adding new supplements and vitamins. 

  • Primally Pure: Use this link and code KELLYKING to receive 10% off your purchase. Personally I am slowly transitioning to use cleaner beauty products and I am beyond proud to partner with this company. I recommend ANY of their products, but my favorite is the dry shampoo. If you are an avid dry shampoo user it is time to make the switch to natural dry shampoo! After so many people telling me that my traditional drugstore dry shampoo was no good for my hair, I decided this would be the first big clean beauty switch I made. Highly recommend! I use light for blondes. They also have dark.

  • Raw Rev: Use this link and code KELLYKING. A true energy bar because it has more protein than NWT carbs, meaning you'll actually gain energy from eating this. They’re also non-GMO and gluten free.

  • Sundays Studio: 15% off your order with code kellyelizabeth. Non-toxic and vegan, this nail polish is your next step in cleaning chemicals out of your home. It’s near-impossible to find nail polish in stores that both is natural and works! This is salon quality (they have brick and mortar locations on NYC). 

  • Wayfare Foods: Use dose KELLY5 for 5% off your order. I suggest this to clients that do not have great access to affordable plant-based options in their stores. You can order a range of products online including dairy-free pudding, cream cheese, butter and more! Perfect if you have kids with allergies.

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